µGUI is a free and open source graphic library for embedded systems. It is platform-independent and can be easily ported to almost any microcontroller system. As long as the display is capable of showing graphics, µGUI is not restricted to a certain display technology. Therefore, display technologies such as LCD, TFT, E-Paper, LED or OLED are supported.


  • µGUI supports any color, grayscale or monochrome display
  • µGUI supports any display resolution
  • µGUI supports multiple different displays
  • µGUI supports any touch screen technology (e.g. AR, PCAP)
  • µGUI supports windows and objects (e.g. button, textbox)
  • µGUI supports platform-specific hardware acceleration
  • 16 different fonts available
  • cyrillic fonts supported
  • TrueType font converter available (https://github.com/AriZuu)
  • integrated and free scalable system console
  • basic geometric functions (e.g. line, circle, frame etc.)
  • can be easily ported to almost any microcontroller system
  • no risky dynamic memory allocation required