CGUI is a library that provides you with a set of C-functions to create GUI applications, i.e. windows and window controls like buttons, check-boxes, menus, input boxes etc.


  • The API of CGUI is a set of C-functions, which makes it usable in both C and C++ applications. There are also bindings to FreeBasic.
  • Extensive documentation in different formats: plain text, info, rtf, and html that describe the GUI functions
  • Lots of simple GUI examples are included
  • CGUI is easy to use. To create a widget you need to pass a minimum of parameters to the creator function. You don’t need to learn any new data structures. You only need to have a basic knowledge about C, and in addition to that know a little about how to use function-pointers and void-pointers. If you are not used with pointers it may be quite OK anyway - just look at the examples and you will soon get it. If you need a quick lesson about pointers right now, click here.
  • CGUI is free (no licence) and open source.