AliOS Things

AliOS Things is designed for low power, resource constrained MCU, connectivity SoC, greatly suitable for IoT devices. AliOS Things is not just a RTOS, it contains full stack of software components and tools for building IoT devices.


  • BSP: Board Support Package mainly developed and maintained by SoC Vendor
  • HAL: Hardware Abstraction Layer, like WiFi, UART
  • Kernel: Rhino RTOS Kernel, Yloop, VFS, KV Storage included
  • Protocol Stack: LwIP TCPIP Stack, uMesh mesh networking stack included
  • Security: TLS, TFS(Trusted Framework Service), TEE(Trusted Exexcution Environment)
  • AOS API: AliOS Things exposed APIs for Application and Middleware
  • Middleware: Alibaba’s value-added and commonly seen IoT components included
  • Examples: hands-on sample codes, and well tested industry applications such as Alinkapp

Sample projects and resources


Source code:

License: Apache License

AliOS Things Platforms

  • ARM

AliOS Things Components

  • None