AttifyOS is a specialized Linux distribution tailored for the security evaluation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

It is designed specifically to facilitate penetration testing by providing a comprehensive set of tools to assess the security posture of various IoT systems. The operating system comes pre-configured and loaded with a suite of utilities that streamline the process of security testing, allowing analysts and testers to focus on their assessments without the need to configure their environment from scratch. AttifyOS v3.0 leverages Ubuntu 18.04 64-Bit as its underlying platform, ensuring users benefit from a stable and familiar operating environment along with security updates until April 2023.

Core Features List of AttifyOS v3.0

  • A pre-configured environment based on Ubuntu 18.04 64-Bit.
  • A curated compilation of tools tailored for IoT security assessments and penetration testing.
  • Support for a wide range of security and analysis tasks including but not limited to firmware analysis, signal processing, and vulnerability scanning.
  • An intuitive user interface with visual tools and command-line utilities.
  • A consistent update mechanism provided by the base OS, Ubuntu 18.04.
  • Easy-to-use credentials for quick access and getting started with IoT security testing.
  • Relevant for professionals, academics, and enthusiasts in the field of IoT security.

attifyos Platforms

  • Linux

attifyos Components