BeRTOS is a real time open source operating system supplied with drivers and libraries designed for the rapid development of embedded software.


  • Multitasking kernel: cooperative and preemptive task scheduling.
  • Ready to use hardware drivers for peripherals such as serial, ADC, LCD (text and graphics), NTC, memories and many more devices.
  • Full graphic subsystem for simple displays, with font support, bitmaps, clipping, text formatting, interactive menus.
  • Modular and scalable: you can configure BeRTOS to suit your needs, no waste of precious memory space.
  • Unix emulator available: BeRTOS applications can be developed without the target hardware! Check DemoApp.
  • Fully static memory model, suitable for tiny memory systems.
  • Open source and royalty free: BeRTOS is released under a modified GPLv2 license, check BertosLicense.


Source code:

License: Modified GPL

BeRTOS Platforms

  • AVR
  • x86
  • PowerPC
  • x86_64

BeRTOS Components

  • None