Femto OS

Femto OS: RTOS for small MCU’s like AVR.


  • Round Robin Scheduling Every task in the each priority gets an equal amount of time.
  • Preemptive and cooperative Choose between preemptive or cooperative on a task by task basis.
  • Shared Stacks for tasks Possibility to save ram by letting tasks share their stack space.
  • Register Compression Save only the registers that are used on the stack at taskswitch.
  • Separate OS/ISR Stack Space The OS (ISR) has its own stack space
  • Power save on Idle The idle task can be used to save power.
  • Honest Time Slicing Every task gets the same amount of execution time, so no starvation.
  • OS interruptible Large parts of the OS can be made interruptable.
  • Resource Tracking Tasks that are terminated are managed to release all kernel resources.

Femto OS Platforms

  • AVR

Femto OS Components

  • None