MaRTE OS is a Hard Real-Time Operating System for embedded applications that follows the Minimal Real-Time POSIX.13 subset.


  • Supports mixed language applications in Ada, C and C++ (experimental support for Java as well).
  • Offers the services defined in POSIX.13: pthreads, mutexes, condvars, …
  • All services have a time-bounded response (including dynamic memory allocation with TLSF).
  • Single memory address space shared by the multi-thread application and MaRTE OS.
  • Available under the GNU General Public License 2.
  • Based on the AdaCore GNU toolchain.
  • Implements the Ada2005 Real-Time Annex


License: GPL v2

MaRTE Platforms

  • ARM
  • x86

MaRTE Components

  • Network
  • Logging