TI-RTOS Kernel

TI-RTOS Kernel (formerly known as SYS/BIOS


  • TI-RTOS Kernel and its associated IPC and XDCtools components provide a rich set of C-callable, deterministic kernel services that enable developers to create sophisticated applications without compromising real-time deadlines.
  • The TI-RTOS Kernel provides multithreading, scheduling and synchronization services, complemented by three different memory managers. Logging, tracing, and general system services (e.g. abort, exit) are provided by the XDCtools run-time component. The Inter-Processor Communication (IPC) component provides transparent message passing and other IPC mechanisms.
  • Objects from all three components are configured, built, and traced using a common tool infrastructure, providing a seamless user experience.

Website: http://www.ti.com/tool/sysbios

License: Other

TI-RTOS Kernel Platforms

TI-RTOS Kernel Components

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