Xenomai is a real-time development framework cooperating with the Linux kernel, in order to provide a pervasive, interface-agnostic, hard real-time support to user-space applications, seamlessly integrated into the GNU/Linux environment.


  • Linux kernel.
  • GNU/Linux environment.
  • Provide a pervasive, interface-agnostic, hard real-time support to user-space applications.
  • Xenomai skin, API makes Xenomai look a different RTOS albeit all of them are based on the same common core.
  • Xenomai nucleus, a set of building blocks available from a kernel module, over which Xenomai skins are built. The nucleus provides a common set of generic RTOS services to all Xenomai skins.

Website: http://xenomai.org/

Source code: http://git.xenomai.org/xenomai-3.git/

License: GPL

Xenomai Demo Projects

Precise PWMs with GPIO using Xenomai kernel module

This article represents the results we obtained after implementing Xenomai RTDM kernel module. It also compares performance of the kernel-based solution with our previous user-space based approach.

Xenomai on the Beaglebone Black in 14 easy steps

In this post Bruno Martins explain how to got Xenomai run on a BeagleBone. The BeagleBone Black is an amazingly cheap and powerful development platform that is being used by many people in a lot of projects.

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Xenomai Platforms

  • ARM
  • x86
  • PowerPC

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