Xenomai is a real-time development framework cooperating with the Linux kernel, in order to provide a pervasive, interface-agnostic, hard real-time support to user-space applications, seamlessly integrated into the GNU/Linux environment.


  • Linux kernel.
  • GNU/Linux environment.
  • Provide a pervasive, interface-agnostic, hard real-time support to user-space applications.
  • Xenomai skin, API makes Xenomai look a different RTOS albeit all of them are based on the same common core.
  • Xenomai nucleus, a set of building blocks available from a kernel module, over which Xenomai skins are built. The nucleus provides a common set of generic RTOS services to all Xenomai skins.


  • Precise PWMs with GPIO using Xenomai kernel module. This article represents the results we obtained after implementing Xenomai RTDM kernel module. It also compares performance of the kernel-based solution with our previous user-space based approach.
  • Xenomai on the Beaglebone Black in 14 easy steps. In this post Bruno Martins explain how to got Xenomai run on a BeagleBone. The BeagleBone Black is an amazingly cheap and powerful development platform that is being used by many people in a lot of projects.
  • soem-w5500-rpi. Realtime ethercat master for Raspberry pi .
  • rpi4-xeno3. xenomai 3 for raspberry pi 4.
  • atemsys. Kernel module that grants direct access to hardware, improving the performance of the LinkLayers, used in the EtherCAT Master Stack Software EC-Master and EtherCAT Network Simulation Software EC-Simulator..
  • rpi23-xeno3. Ipipe patched kernel 4.9.80 source with xenomai 3 for raspberry pi 2, 3 (include 3b+).
  • RTHybrid. Electrophysiology - Real-time neuron and synapse model library to build hybrid circuits.
  • xemoai3-exercises. exercises to familiarize with Xenomai 3.1 using Raspberry Pi.
  • rpi-rtdm-audio-driver. Xenomai real-time audio driver for TI PCM3168A codec on the Elk Pi hat..
  • rtnet_soem. rtnet patched version based on simple open ethercat master by openEthercatSociety.
  • rtt_ros_control_embedded. ros_control in an orocos component.
  • twine. Thread and Worker Interface for Elk Audio OS.
  • rpi01-xeno3. scripts, guide, patched 4.1.21 kernel source, pre-built kernel with xenomai 3 for raspberry pi 0, 0-W, 1.
  • superviseur_robot. TP Temps Reel - Code C (xenomai; opencv; serial; tcp).
  • rpi4_xenomai3. To build real-time kernel 4.19.86 with xenomai 3 for Raspberry Pi 4..
  • xenomai_3_exercises. I Found these Xenomai 3 exercises I completed and wrote up for a project a few years ago. Decided to put it up onto git in case anyone else finds this useful.
  • real-time-spi-on-xenomai-3. Real-time SPI on Xenomai 3 by RPi 3.
  • xenomai-real-time-linux-lab. Примеры программ для Xenomai real-time Linux..
  • xenoparticles. Real-time fluid-like particle simulation using the xenomai framework..
  • raspa. Userspace library to access RTDM audio driver in Elk Audio OS.
  • str-xenomai. Projeto com Xenomai para disciplina de Sistemas de Tempo Real.
  • RaspberryRTOS. Use buildroot to build rpi OS with Real Time patch (xenomai).
  • Xenomai-Script. Xenomai auto building script (for personal testing).
  • rpi-shiftreg-rtdm-driver. Xenomai real-time driver to control shift registers on Elk Pi boards using GPIOs and SPI..
  • rPi_Xenomai. rPi_Xenomai.
  • xenomai_helloworld_241639. Hello world! Application for Xenomai RTOS.
  • Problema-prioritatii-pacientilor-C-POSIX. Problema transpusă din realitate, care sincronizează accesul la urgență a pacienților cu diferite priorități medicale. Real Time Programming in Xenomai, POSIX - thread-uri cu priorități diferite..
  • Gpio_Driver_bbb. Non-RT Device Driver for BBB and Porting Of Xenomai Patched Linux.

Website: http://xenomai.org/

Source code: http://git.xenomai.org/xenomai-3.git/

License: GPL

Xenomai Platforms

  • ARM
  • x86
  • PowerPC

Xenomai Components

  • FileSystem
  • Network